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3 big reasons why you need business cards

If Abraham Lincoln had business cards, you most definitely need one!

Business cards can be many things; let's take a look at some of the major reasons you should invest in business cards.

Easy Detail Sharing

This is the most obvious reason for having business cards. Rather than reciting your email to a potential customer or scrambling to find a pen to write your phone number on the back of a scrap of paper, you can have this critical information presentable on a business card.

Personal Touch

Your business card should reflect you as a business and/or individual. If you're a woodworking company, nothing gets the point across better than some timberluxe cards, or if you're a wedding organizer, your contact details imprinted into a luxurious soft cotton paper will give your potential customers confidence in your understanding of their needs. At Inktaktics, we letterpress to allow for diversity in paper type to meet your needs as a business owner. Read more here.

Easy Referrals

Sometimes one opportunity can turn into many! Small business owners tend to make up a supportive community. If they have your business card and come across someone who could use your services, they're likely to pass along your information.

Not convinced? Well, not only Lincoln had a business card. Here are 25 famous people and their business cards.

Want to get started with your business cards to capture more opportunities? Reach out to us today at inktaktics@gmail.com!

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