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7 logo design stats for your re-design

A logo is part of your brand identity. It should be put together with time and consideration. Here are 7 logo design stats for your new logo or logo re-design that may surprise you!

7 logo design stats for your re-design
7 logo design stats for your re-design

1. According to a 2020 report by Study Finds, 78% of customers think that logos are artwork.

2. A consumer will only recognize your logo after 5-7 times of seeing it.

3. In 1886, the founder of Coca-Cola created their logo and it cost $0.

4. The BBC logo cost almost $2 million.

5. Looking at Fortune 500 companies, the most popular logos have 2 colors with one color following close behind.

6. Among those most popular logos, the top colors are blue then red then grayscale.

7. Study Finds found that 60% of consumers will actually avoid brands with odd, unattractive, or unappealing logos REGARDLESS of good reviews.

You can't argue stats! If you're considering a logo re-design or looking to have your design printed in colors that will win you business, reach out us today at inktaktics@gmail.com.

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