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Save money this tax season with last year's marketing expenses

Save Money this Tax season

As you file your taxes this year, don't forget to include all of your marketing expenses. The IRS defines these expenses as the following.

"...one that is common and accepted in the industry...[or]...one that is helpful and appropriate for the trade or business."

Website design and development

Have you given your website a face lift recently? Paid for any web hosting? How about custom apparel/paper products? All of this is deductible!

Advertising expenses both physical and electronic

Not only does advertising win you business; it also gives you the opportunity to save money during tax season!

Physical Expenses

This includes print advertising with brochures, mailers, business cards, newspapers, and magazines. Also considered physical expenses are special promotional items like seminars, workshops, sponsorships, and swag like t-shirts and hoodies! If you've purchased custom Inktaktics apparel or paper products, you can get some money back from this while filing taxes.

Electronic Expenses

Electronic advertising expenses include the following.

  • Content writing

  • Graphic design

  • Marketing consultation

  • Social media marketing

  • Software subscriptions (Hubspot, Mailchimp, Hootsuite)

If you'd like to doubly invest in your businesses' return next year, consider marketing/advertising with custom printed apparel/paper products as they will earn you initial sales or business, and they give you something to deduct during tax season!

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